You may upload & download files related to technical subject from this section. It also can be used to share files for free lance work.

Users can also contribute to this section by sending  files with description of the files. The files format can be -

sldprt,sldasm,slddrw,dxf,dwg,X_t,IGES,step,stp,stl,cgr,prt, MS Office files , jpg, pdf, gif,Tiff,Zip,RAR

It can be  mailed to along with file description. Do not submit copyrighted materials. The files will be scrutinzed before it is added to the download section

Files File Format Description of the file
pdf ISO Subsidy application Ministry of small scale application
.doc AD Code and DBK Registration
.doc Bank account Registration form for ICD
pdf DBK Declaration
PDF An Introduction to 3D measurement technology with articulated arms
PDF About micro EDM machining - interesting subject
PDF Blacks catalog about fastener and bolts
PDF Methods of Non Destructive testing
PDF The category of nontraditional machining covers a broad range of technologies, including some that are used on a large scale, and others that are only used in unique or proprietary applications. These machining methods generally have higher energy requirements and slower throughputs than traditional machining, but have been developed for applications where traditional machining methods were impractical, incapable, or uneconomical.
PDF There are around 60,000 different types of polymer invented till date. But its hard to identify them unlike the metal. Hence certain standard test are introduced to thru this notes.


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