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Job Name Job Description Location Post date Status
Shashwati Plastics

Manage Injection molding shop.
Knowledge of ISO-TS appreciated.

Mysore 04/11/16 Open
Hindustan Industries Ltd

Tool Makers with 2-3 years of experience

Mysore 04/11/16 Close
Super Industries Ltd

Operator cum programmer for turning and milling (2 posts) must be well versed in Programming,design reading and quality standard.

Mangalore 14/09/16 Open
Nebula Technologies

To Reverse engineer and design using sophisticated breaking edge technologies like 3D laser scanner etc

Bengaluru 26/08/16 Close
A Reputed Engg Service Industry

Design Sheet metal Enclosure and relevant experience in the same.
All E-Mailed Resumes must have 'Sheet Metal Designer'
Other than...

Banagalore 22/08/16 Close


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