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Welcome to Tooling world.

The Indian tooling industry is more than 50 years old now . During these years from the initial nascent steps,  it has made giant strides & has carved its name in the global tooling industry. It is also one of the biggest suppliers of the highly trained tooling personnels throughout the world, who have marked their territory from Far East to the extreme west.

Thanks to the pioneers like NTTF, GTTC, CIPET, CITD, CTTC & IDTRs who took initiative to venture in to the unknown to promote the new industry & create much needed technologically driven manpower . The training institutes had to compete with the regular academic courses which were popular at that time & when the machine tool & tooling was nascent.

The institutes survived all those years due to the visionaries who saw a bright future ahead. The dedication & work has paid off. One of the beauties of this system is that it has given a middle & poorer class average student to shape his career. It has allowed them to become entrepreneurs, skilled tool makers, designers, directors & ceo’s . Entry of CAD/CAM has brought even more new avenues & has allowed them to get in to elite software industries & spread themselves across the world.

Although there are individual alumni groups aligned to their instutes, there is no single forum to bind them together.

This is an effort to bring the tooling fraternity together along with industries where in the students, companies, employees, employers all come together to share their knowledge, needs, source talents, publicise, get to know each other & share business.

And also a tribute to the institutes which brought us here.

Your participation is appreciated.

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