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Tool Maker Today:
Today’s market demands for any new product are very different from the ones the product designers used to design in early 70’s and 80’s. Today the product is never complete unless the intelligence is built in, made environment friendly apart from being reliable & unique in application. Be it a mobile, a car, a motor bike or white goods.
This scenario has changed the way the products are designed, manufactured and marketed.
As we all know, every product needs the tooling and tooling needs a tool designer and a tool maker to give justice to the product design.
Today’s industry requirement of a Tooling people has changed drastically than what we used to think of a tool maker during our training days.
Today’s tooling person MUST possess the skills of Project management, Tooling Quality System, Use of modern processes and apart from all these, he needs to talk in terms of TECHNOLOGY language and Quality System Language instead of TECHNIQUES.
He should be able to design/manufacture the tools with inbuilt safety mechanisms, Standardization in spares, handling, replacements to take care of the down time, Online availability of maintenance support for the probable causes, etc to name a few.
So, there is a strong need for the tooling people coming out after completing their training, to understand these industry requirements and work towards building their career keeping these in mind.
Project Management, Tooling Quality System and Technology study.

Keshav Kabboor
Vice President – Engineering  & Business Development,
Polybond India Pvt. Ltd


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